AgencySupport for Craft CMS and ExpressionEngine Development

Agency Support for Craft CMS and ExpressionEngine Development

If you’re an agency and need help with one of your client Craft CMS or ExpressionEngine websites, get in touch with us.

We can work with you on brand new developments, new sections and features, and updates to Craft CMS or ExpressionEngine websites.

We can offer a white labeled service and can also work under an NDA if required.


Caffeine Creations is a proud member of the ExpressionEngine Professionals Network. Our Straightup Craft Professionals profile and Work With Craft Profile are also available.

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Frontend and Web Development Skills

  • craft1 IconCraft CMS
  • expressionengine IconExpressionEngine
  • Git IconGit Version Control
  • Sass Logo IconSASS
  • gulp1 IconGulp
  • grunt2 IconGrunt
  • javascript IconJavascript and jQuery
  • communication IconConsulting and Strategy
  • html IconPSD to HTML
  • coding IconWell Documented Code that is easy to read and update.
  • checked IconBest Practices and Standards
  • lightbulb IconInnovative solutions

Responsive - Not Just our Code.

The two most important values at Caffeine Creations are transparency and communication. We listen carefully and respond to your requests with solutions that benefit you and your client. There is nothing worse than working with someone who doesn't respond to your requests. We know that and always respond to emails within one business day and often sooner.

Standards and Commenting

Our code is easy to follow, indented and commented. This means that your in house developers can easily maintain the site after we are done. We are also happy to do maintenance for any work we've done with you or on another site when your in-house developers are too busy or otherwise unavailable.

White Labelled

You work with your client and we'll take care of the CMS build and code. We work as a background partner to agencies.


We are also able to work directly with your client providing answers to questions and strategies for their website.

Why Choose Caffeine Creations

When you’re great at what you do, it makes sense to bring in other people who are great at what they do. People with different skillsets who can work in partnership with you to broaden your offer. We work with design and development agencies, from small studios to big brand consultancies, partnering with them to provide technology, strategy and web design and build services. We can do full site builds for you or do smaller support and maintenance work for your clients when you are above capacity. We're friendly, communicative and value transparency in all our work.

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Agencies We've Worked With

The combo of reliability and freelance developer seem to be a rare find these days. When I need a Craft CMS dev, whom I know will come through, I look to Sean. He has a passion for web development and always sees a project through to the end.

Jeremy Hoover, Compass Creative

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