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June, 2017
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The Vacation Newsletter

Summer is now upon us, and I want to remind everyone that I will be taking a short vacation from June 10-15. During this time, I will not be available for regular work. However, I will be checking email daily and will get back to you as quickly as possible if an emergency arises.

In the meantime, below is an article I wrote about how it's possible to easily create unique landing pages. When you are ready to learn more, I encourage you to contact me. Let's get started and set up your custom landing page solution.

Create Custom Landing Pages Easily

Does your business needs marketing landing pages? Does Each landing page need to be customizable? For example sometimes you want a contact form at the top and other times you don't. On one page you want testimonials and on another your don't. Perhaps on this page the testimonials need to be below a video but on another page they should be above it.

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