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November, 2017
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Do You Own Your Content?

Let's Talk Content

You spend a lot of time and effort to write the copy, choose images and videos, and craft it into a cohesive message that your site visitors will consume. Do you own that content? Do you control that content? Read the article below to learn more about owning and controlling the content that gets your message read.

Own Your Digital Content

Are you giving away your digital assets for free? Providing free content for your target audience is an important part of building a following. However where you place that content is just as important if not more important than giving it away for free. In this article you will learn why you should keep control of your digital assets and how to do that.

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Comics and Superheros

Do you enjoy watching superhero movies and tv shows? I do, I have always been a huge fan of comics. Last month I did something I've away's wanted to do - get a custom comic book cover made featuring yours truly. Read the post below to see the poster sized cover and let me know what you think.

Comic Book Cover

I had a custom made comic book cover printed up poster size on canvas. I am pictured here saving the Internet one website at a time. View the entry to see the full sized cover and a photo of it on my office wall.

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