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October, 2017
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The Autumn 2017 Newsletter

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day long weekend. What is more important to your business; your website or your business card? They are both important, however your website is more important for 5 reasons which I discuss in the article below.

What other reasons can you think of for why your website is more important? 

5 Reasons Why Your Website is More Valuable Than Your Business Card

Prior to the internet a business card was one of the best ways to get noticed and exposure for your small business. Now however a well designed and optimized website is the key to growing awareness of your business and attracting more customers. Here are 5 reasons why your website is more important than your business card.

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Articles from the Archives

Below are two articles from the archives that are useful and informative for website owners. The first will show you how easy it is to build landing pages within your CMS. The second will discuss the use case against using sliders or carousels on your website.

Create Custom Landing Pages Easily

Does your business needs marketing landing pages? Does Each landing page need to be customizable? For example sometimes you want a contact form at the top and other times you don't. On one page you…

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Content Carousels/Sliders on the Homepage

Clients love carousels because they allow you to cram more content onto the homepage. However research into carousels indicate that they are not effective and have a very poor click through rate.

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