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March, 2018
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Website Plugins and Conference Notification

It's finally starting to feel like Spring and I have some news. April 24-28 I will be in Austin, Texas attending the Peers Conference. During this time I will be unavailable for regular work. However I will check email daily and respond as soon as possible.

I'm looking forward to learning new technologies and skills that I can use to make your websites better for your business.

Craft 3

On April 4th, the next major version of Craft 3 will be released. This is exciting  as there are several enhancements and improvements including:

  • Improved speed
  • Improved multilingual capability
  • Multi-site

Are you ready to upgrade your Craft site to Craft 3, Let's talk.

Below is an article where I discuss issues with over using plugins and addons on websites. Do you have an older website overusing  plugins?  Let's talk about how we can find solutions.

The Dangers of Over Reliance on Plugins in Website Builds

This article will discuss the dangers of relying on too many plugins for your website. I will talk about when and when not to use a plugin and the pros and cons of using plugins.

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