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October, 2018
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Podcast Announcement

Fourth quarter 2018 is here. The leaves have changed, pumpkin spice is every where. And the big news is that I am starting a podcast for business owners, like you, wanting to learn more about running and optimizing their website.

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News: Website 101 Podcast

In early 2019 I am launching a podcast with advice for website owners on all aspects of running a website.

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User Manuals

Recently I've also revamped how I provide user manuals so that it is easy for end users such as yourself to update the site. In the past I sent a pdf, but that would get misplaced or out of date. Now with all new Craft CMS website builds I provide a use manual inside the control panel. Check it out below.

Website CMS User Manual for End Users

A CMS user manual for website owners and content writers is essential. Over time content writers often forget how to update content or new staff are not trained properly on how to update the website. Sometimes the manual may be lost in email archives. The solution is a website manual within the CMS ensuring all users have access to the user manual.

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