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January, 2019
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Website 101 Podcast is Live

Last year I introduced Website 101 Podcast with a launch date in early 2019. That day has arrived.

Website 101 Podcast has interviews with industry experts on various topics of interest to website owners. Season 01 episodes include:

  1. Introduction to Website 101 Podcast
  2. Planning Structure, Goals
  3. Web Design Shortcuts You Should Never Take
  4. Websites Benefit from Continual Development
  5. SEO 101
  6. PPC 101 (Pay Per Click)
  7. PR & Marketing
  8. What is a Landing Page
  9. Accessibility and Why It Matters
  10. DIY vs Bespoke

The first four episodes are out now with episode 5 releasing next Tuesday January 29th.

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I have also scheduled recordings and experts for Season 2 with the first episode recording next week. I hope you enjoy the podcast and if you have any topics you'd like to hear feel free to email at any time.

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