We were approached to take over this site from another developer. It was determined that the due to dated CMS installation that included nine custom addons with no documentation it was best to proceed with a site rebuild. We took this opportunity to modernize the design and make navigation easier to find the various sections of the site.


Improvements to the site include:

  • Trip finder has individual urls for deep linking. Previous site was unable to save/share urls for resutls
  • Removed flashy and distracting animations
  • Better Url structures
  • Added a 404 page
  • Ensured the trip finder map was not hidden by content
  • Moved site into version control

The Colorado Rafting site is quite extensive with each section or page related to trips and photo galleries. The client is easily able to add or remove trip and gallery relationships across all pages of the site.

Trip Finder

The trip finder is vastly improved over the previous site. The filtering system was simplified making it easier for the end user. Another improvement for the visitor is that search results now have full urls that are easy to share, remember, and human readable. Finally the page load speed was reduced by 20+ seconds.

Content Migration

Where possible content was automatically migrated from the previous site to the new site including 400+ blog posts, 100+ trips, 150+ testimonials, and a further 100+ entries across the site.

Things We Did

  • Responsive Build
  • ExpressionEngine Integration
  • Content Migration
  • Javascript
  • Project Management
  • Design
  • Site Rescue

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