Dynamax Inc was a brand new site being built from the ground up to replace an aging site without a CMS. The new site makes it easy for the client to easily update content and has a built in quote request cart.

The Quote request cart allows visitors viewing various products to add them to a cart of quote requests. When viewing the cart visitors fill in a form with additional information which NEC reviews and then follows up with the visitor and provides them a quote for what they are looking for.

Project management by Design by Hawkeye.

Things We Did

  • Responsive Build
  • ExpressionEngine Integration
  • Javascript
  • Quote Request Cart

Launch Website

Sean has demonstrated over and over again, that he has an excellent response time and is an expert web developer. Having both of these at a high end level is a rare commodity.

Terry McCoy, Design by Hawkeye
Homepage and Mobile View

Product Page

Quote Request