We were approached to take over this site after the previous company closed up shop. After working with the existing code for several months it became increasingly obvious that the site needed a rebuild due to the use of a custom addon with no documentation and other issues.

Sparks Photographers took this opportunity to make some improvements to an already beautiful design including re-working the photographer's photos page and the blog landing page to be more visually appealing.

Photographers are able to log in to the web site control panel and create/edit their own entries as well as their biography. On the front end of the site, each photographer has the categories that they have contributed to below their name on the navigation. There is additionally a category page that lists each photographer that has contributed to that category.

With the new build url structure was cleaned up and made consistent. Additionally the previous site had no SEO set up under the hood. This was rectified enabling better search results.

January 2017 Update

A new section and feature was added on to the existing site where visitors can create a portfolio of images from each photographer. This generator has options for a title page with a Project Title, Client Name and cover photo. Multiple photos can easily be added by selecting from the all photos on the right side of the page. Once added photos can have titles and captions added and then drag/dropped to reorder.

Things We Did

  • Responsive Build
  • ExpressionEngine Integration
  • Javascript
  • Project Management
  • Site Rescue
  • Member Management
  • Doc Raptor API integration
  • PDF Portfolio Builder

Launch Website

Sean at Caffeine Creations is consistently quick to respond to questions or issues on our site—a very important quality in a webmaster!

Pamela Hamilton, Sparks Photographers
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