We were approached to take over this site after the previous company closed up shop. After working with the existing code for several months it became increasingly obvious that the site needed a rebuild due to the use of a custom addon with no documentation and other issues.

Sparks Productions took this opportunity to make some improvements to an already beautiful design including enhancing the homepage and directors pages to be even more viusally appealing. The new rebuild also speeds up and improves the build a reel function.

Build a Reel

The build a reel function allows visitors to add invidividual video spots from any director to a custom reel. This custom reel is then sent to a reciever via an HTML email including a link back to Sparks Productions with the custom reel and message ready to be viewed by the recipient. Sparks Productions is also able to track views on each custom reel via a custom stats page.

Things We Did

  • Responsive Build
  • ExpressionEngine Integration
  • Javascript
  • Project Managment
  • Site Rescue
  • HTML Email
  • Custom Build a Reel Function

Launch Website

Sean at Caffeine Creations is consistently quick to respond to questions or issues on our site—a very important quality in a webmaster!

Pamela Hamilton, Sparks Photographers
Homepage and Mobile View

Directors Page with Additional Spots menu opened

Build a Reel pop-up page