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Meet sean

Interviewed on Website 101 Podcast

Three years ago I started The Website 101 Podcast. My goal at that time was to provide advice for website owners on all aspects of running a website. The podcast has since evolved to include more topics for novice developers.

In season 2 I brought on a co-host, Mike Mella, As of January 22 we've had 24 guests including industry leaders Wes Bos, Adam Wathan, and Kevin Powll. We're currently recording season 5 and starting episode 5 we're bringing on another co-host Amanda Lutz. The podcast is growing and is a lot of fun to record.

The first episode of Season 5, my co-host Mike interviewed me about my journey to becoming a web developer title Meet Your Host - Sean. This was a really fun episode and I hope you like it.

Listen to Meet Your Host - Seannow

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