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Based in Toronto, Caffeine Creations specializes in building web sites for small businesses that use a content management system (CMS) that is easy to use. We use CraftCMS and ExpressionEngine when building sites. The flexibility and power of these CMSs will cause you to fall in love with updating your website.

We enjoy partnering with agencies and designers to provide the code you need. As an agency, you provide the design and we will take care of the web development and code.

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Has your ExpressionEngine site been abandoned or neglected? We help businesses upgrade, fix, and maintain their sites so they can concentrate on running their business.

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A Website is Like Owning a Car

Recently my car needed some major repairs. After considering the age of my car, the expense of the repairs, and the value of the repairs I opted to buy a new car. This experience led me to consider how owning a car and having a website are similar experiences; They are both a major investment, customizable, need regular maintenance, and eventually replacing.