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Www vs no www


Should your website address include the www or not include it? Does having it or not affect your SEO? Which one should you choose?

Which of the following domains is the superior format?


Coke Vs Pepsi

Coke vs pepsi

Just like Coke vs Pepsi or PC vs Mac, there really isn't any one correct answer. it comes down to personal preference. For the record my preference is Coke and PC.

You may be concerned about SEO and how google ranks your site using www or no www. Google has said it does not matter. It is a branding decision.

Choose One and be Consistent

Back when the internet was fresh and young everyone used www and also spelled out the www when speaking their website url. Now it's much rarer to hear that and everyone just knows.

The key is to choose one format and stick with it. Also once you've chosen. be sure to redirect the one you don't want to use to the chosen format. For example I prefer the non-www version of my domain because it's shorter and to my eyes looks cleaner in the browser.

All of my links do not include it. However if someone were to type in the link would still work and automatically redirect to the non-www version.

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