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Comic Book Cover

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I've always been a huge comic book fan. At one time I had about 20 boxes full of comics. Now I don't actually own any comics, but I do read digitally from time to time and watch all the Superhero movies and TV shows.

I've always wanted to have a comic book with me in it and what better way to do that then to get a wall sized poster custom made to fit my vision.

And Here it is:

Comic Cover Small

The Artist - Ed Foychuck

One of my friends, Ed Foychuk, from my time living overseas does a lot of comic book art and he's even been published by Image Comics. Ed was obviously my first choice and he really delivered the goods. He listened to what I wanted, looked at the photos I provided and when I had a couple of minor revisions he made those quickly.

You can see more of Ed's fantastic art on his Facebook Page Juggertha - the art of Ed Foychuk and on his Deviant Art Page.

And below here it is printed (a little distortion due to the wide angle lens I used to take the picture) and on my wall next to The Joker. Looks amazing!

Comic Cover Wall