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Create Custom Landing Pages Easily

Does your business need marketing landing pages? Does Each landing page need to be customizable? For example sometimes you want a contact form at the top and other times you don't. On one page you want testimonials and on another your don't. Perhaps on this page the testimonials need to be below a video but on another page they should be above it.

Create quickly and easily

We can help you quickly and easily create landing pages as easy as composing an email. No longer will you need to wait for your web developer to create each marketing page. Instead all you need to do is publish a new landing page from your CMS. You will be able to easily create custom landing pages for each event, product, or other aspect of your business you wish to promote.

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Marketing Page Features

  • checked IconDrag and drop
  • checked IconHighly customizable
  • checked IconKnow which pages contact form submitted from
  • checked IconMultiple content types
  • checked IconInclude content from internal pages
  • checked IconAdd third party content
  • checked IconSocial media ready
  • checked IconPublish preview

Multiple Content Types

Landing pages often have unique content. We make this easy for you. Each content type can easily be added with a click of a button. Then all you need to do is add the content. Once you've added all the content blocks you need, publish the page and the landing page is set.

Example block types can include:

  • Quotes
  • custom lists
  • video embeds
  • Call to action buttons
  • Internal content - display summary content and link to internal pages
  • Images with captions
  • Infographics
  • Turn on or off features such as contact forms and third party integrations
  • and more

Need a new block type? This can easily be added. That block type will then be available on all landing pages.

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Drag and Drop Reordering

Content blocks can easily be reordered by dragging and dropping them up and down the page. This will allow you to create custom pages and prioritize content easily for each landing page.

Drag & Drop Reordering plus switching on/off Features

In the above animated gif you can see the related projects block Featured Craft CMS Projects get dragged and dropped above the call to action button. Then the Testimonials and Contact Form are turned off simply by changing a switch.

SEO Ready

All marketing landing pages are SEO ready. You will easily be able to add and update page meta title, description, keywords, Facebook Open Graph, and twitter card information.

Simple and Extensible

No need to create custom page types or templates just because you need a new content block. Once this new block is created it is now available on all pages and as with other blocks can be turned on or off and dragged up and down the page.

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