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ExpressionEngine Website Takeovers

Do you need a new ExpressionEngine developer for an existing website? We can help. In our many years developing ExpressionEngine websites, we've taken over many sites built by a previous developer. We can fix bugs, improve performance, develop new features, do regular maintenance or anything you may require. We've anything from done quick bug fixes to new sections and features to a complete rebuild from the ground up.

ExpressionEngine Solutions


Do you need regular maintenance for your site?

Site Speed

Is your site slow to load? Do you have poor google page speed score? I can help with that.


Is your site on an older out of date version of ExpressionEngine? Let's evaluate your site.


Code optimized to provide world class SEO for Google and other search engines.

Missing images or files

Are parts of your site not working as expected? I can fix these problems and provide a site health report.


Have you forgotten how to update your content? I can teach you how to update your content or help do it for you.

Featured ExpressionEngine Website Development Projects

The combo of reliability and freelance developer seem to be a rare find these days. When I need a Craft CMS dev, whom I know will come through, I look to Sean. He has a passion for web development and always sees a project through to the end.

Jeremy Hoover, Compass Creative


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