Do you need help understanding how to improve or use your website effectively? Why not hire us to assess your website requirements? We offer consulting services at a rate of $500 plus tax per day. 

We will perform an analysis of your website and return with a written report with recommendations on how to proceed. This report may provide recommendatons on the following:

  • Strategy
  • CMS updating and optimization
  • Improving the speed of your site
  • Improvements to SEO
  • Design and User Experience (UX) improvements
  • Suggestions to improve or fix issues on your website

If you are located in the Greater Toronto Area, we can come to your office to meet your team and discuss in person how we can help you.

Sean has terrific work ethic and a virtuoso with Expression Engine. He treated my projects as his own, communicated promptly and delivered results through creative problem solving.

Yuri Pershin

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