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ExpressionEngine 3 is now a Legacy Product

ExpressionEngine 3 is now a legacy product. This means that it will no longer be actively updated and will only receive security patches until December 14, 2018.

The full news about this can be read on the ExpressionEngine blog: Version 3 End of Life. The good news is that updating from ExpressionEngine 3 to ExpressionEngine for is much simpler than updating from version 2 to 3.

Additionally there are many improvements that will benefit your site by reducing the amount of development time required and also reducing the number of addons needed to run a site. Learn more about all this in the full blog post about the ExpressionEngine 4 launch.

Upgrade Your Site Now

Are you running an older ExpressionEngine site? Give yourself piece of mind by updating to the latest version and ensuring that you are running the latest, most secure version of ExpressionEngine.

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