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Redesigned Caffeine Creations

It's been 7 years since the last complete rebuild of Caffeine Creations. That site grew and changed over time but the underlying design and code was the same and over time it had become bloated and dated. No more, a new site was launched last week.

Clean and Modernized

The new look for the site is clean and modern with lots of padding for breathing room. With a fresh code base Caffeine Creations is now more flexible and ready to adapt to new content types as needed.

Google Page Speed Score

When I build sites I always aim to get the highest score possible from Google Page Speed. This helps to ensure a good experience for site visitors and is part of the SEO ranking algorithm. This site scores 100 on desktop and 94 on mobile.


Technical Details

This site is built with Craft CMS and Tailwind CSS. You can learn more about those by reading these articles.

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