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Updating Your Site Should be as Easy as Composing an Email

Updating your website should be as easy as composing an email. Keep reading to learn more.

Your business's website is only as useful as the content. A good design and UX (user experience) is vitally important. However without good content your visitors will not be able to find what they are looking for. Your content needs to be fresh and up to date in order to engage visitors and improve your ranking in organic search results on google.

Fresh Content = Frequent Indexing

When search engines look at your site more frequently, you have the opportunity to improve your site rankings based on the content you provide. However, more content is not the key here, quality content is. It is a good idea to update frequently, but keep your content standards high. If your site has a lot of low quality articles stuffed with keywords, you are going to be penalized.

Content is King

The easiest way to keep content fresh on your site is to have a blog or news page where you post relevant and useful content for your target audience and site visitors. Additionally the more quality content you provide the higher your perceived authority which will lead to improved ranking.


Enter Your CMS

The Content Management System (CMS) that powers your website should make it easy for your to add, edit and update content. At Caffeine Creations we love Craft CMS. We are also fans of ExpressionEngine and Statamic.

Each of these CMSs makes publishing and updating content easy and even fun for content creators. Our first choice is Craft CMS due to the large number of features available out of the box that other CMSs require plugins for. Read our article on Why Content Creators Love Craft CMS to learn more.

Your CMS should allow you to update your site as easy as composing an email. Not updating your site because the control panel is confusing or difficult to use will ultimately damage your businesses presence on the internet. You need a CMS that gives you the following:

  • Publish Preview
  • Drafts and Publish Workflow
  • Simple and Effective SEO
  • Facebook Open Graph
  • Twitter Cards
  • Easy to re-order content blocks on the page
  • Flexible marketing landing pages

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