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Gear I Use - Home Office Setup

This page is inspired by an episode of the Syntax FM podcast - Our Office Setups (Gotta Get the Gear) where Wes Bos and Scott Tolinkski detail their setups including links to their own page which they update periodically, Scott Uses and Wes Uses.

If you like podcasts, check out the podcasts I listen to.

Editor and Terminal

My Computer

I have a custom built PC assembled January 2021

Plus two 3TB HDDs and a 500mb SSD from my previous build.

Other Hardware

Desktop Apps

My Office

I recently, July 2018, painted my office and replaced my desk. You can see this in the hero image above. I work in my basement home office with no natural light so I chose a color to brighten up the room and help me stay motivated and focused. So far 1 month post painting, I continue to walk into the office look around and smile.

Below you can see the full office including various posters and my custom comic book cover. Hidden from view is a 36" x 24" print of the thou shalt not commit logical fallacies poster.

Combined Office

Fisheye lens two angles of the home office