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ExpressionEngine 3 Retirement, Update Now

ExpressionEngine 3 end of life is only three months away. This means that it will no longer be actively updated and will only receive security patches until December 14, 2018. Is your ExpressionEngine powered site still running on EE 2 or EE 3 it's time to update.

How Does this Impact My Website

Your website should continue to work in the short term, but as as web technologies grow and change (browser updates, server environment upgrades), your site might break or simply not display properly. You need to update your CMS to stay safe.

In today's world, you shouldn't underestimate how important it is to stay on top of security patches and updates. In 2016 the US estimates that cyberhacks cost $109 Billion. Protect your company's website now by updating.

In April of 2017, EllisLab retired ExpressionEngine 2. On December 14, 2018 ExpressionEngine 3 will also be retired which means both versions will no longer receive security updates, feature additions, or be updated to support the newer versions of PHP your hosting company requires.

Additionally it will become more expensive and difficult to maintain your site in good working order. Adding in new features and content types to your website may not be possible as the required plugins will no longer be available or maintained for a retired release.

What is the Next Step?

The next step is to make a decision about how to proceed. Your choices are:

  1. Do nothing and hope that your site is not hacked and continues to function correctly.
  2. Upgrade/Migrate from ExpressionEngine 3 to ExpressionEngine 4
  3. Use this opportunity to do a site refresh and modernize your site to take advantage of a new design, technology and ensure your site is built mobile first.

Of course we recommend option 2 or 3 as that will be best for your website moving forward.

Let's get startedupgrading your site now.