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Git Ignore and ExpressionEngine

Keep your git repos lean and clean by ignoring specific ExpressionEngine files and folders.

I've been working on trying to keep my git repos lean and only include files that need to be uploaded to the repo. Currently my gitignore file ignores ExpressionEngine cache folders, folders needed by CE Image to create dynamic images i.e. /images/remote and images/made the _thumbs folder used by expressionEngine in every upload directory and the backup folder used by DevDemon. Additionally I just added **/installer_OLD which is left over by DevDemon when doing an EE Update.

Below is my current gitignore file. If you have any suggestions for improvements, let me know in the comments. You should rename system and/or move it above root as well.

      ## ignore cache
## ignore dynamic image folders needed by CE Image
## ignore thumbs folders
## ignore site backup folder Updater
## don't ignore any file named gitkeep
## ignore installer_old after updates using DevDemon Updater