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In October Google Chrome will Mark HTTP sites as "Not Secure"

It's time to have your site served over https, especially if you have any pages where users submit data. Come October, only a few short weeks away, google will mark sites that don't use https as Not Secure.

Since 2014 Google has given secure sites an SEO boost. Now however sites that are not secure and accepting visitor input of any kind will be penalized with a Not Secure warning.

Your site will be impacted by this if it accepts any sort of text input from visitors. This includes contact forms, search bars, or login forms. Learn more about this here.

Form And Incognito Http Bad Verbose

Eventually, we plan to show the “Not secure” warning for all HTTP pages

Google Security Blog

The above image comes from the Google Security Blog entry on this topic. It's important to make this move because Eventually all sites that are not served via https will be marked Not Secure.

See an earlier blog post for more details.

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