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September, 2017
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Website Security Newsletter

Time flies It's already fall 2017 and back to school season. We're also fast approaching the time when Google Chrome will make it more obvious that your site is not running SSL. Learn more in the article linked below.

Let's talk Security

Your website is an important part of your business. It's important to keep your site secure and here are a few best practices.

  • Ensure your site is served via https (see article linked below)
  • Do not use public computers, such as at a library or airport, to login to the control panel of your site. There may be keyloggers installed that will steal your information and allow hackers to get access to the site.
  • Do not share login credentials with anyone. If another person requires control panel access, create an account for them so they have their own password. This also makes it easier to remove access of employees that are no longer working with your company.
  • If you login via free wifi, at a coffeeshop or elsewhere, double check that you are visiting via https and if possible use a VPN.
  • Keep your CMS, (Craft CMS or ExpressionEngine) updated. It's also important to ensure that any plugins are updated as well. Does your site need to be updated? Let's get in touch now.

To learn more about HTTPS and SSL check out the articles on our blog listed below.

In October Google Chrome will Mark HTTP sites as "Not Secure"

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Secure Your Web Site with SSL

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